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once you register as a BARCELO9 Member
vip normal card
total deposit MYR 50,000
vip bronze card
total deposit MYR 80,000
vip silver card
total deposit MYR 100,000
vip gold card
total deposit MYR 1,000,000
vip platinum card
total deposit MYR 2,000,000
vip diamond card
card stage

benefit as our vip

daily withdrawal 30,000
birthday bonus MYR 28 ~ 128
personal service manager N/A
transaction frequency 5
sport rebate 0.3 %
live casino rebate 0.3 %
slot rebate 0.7 %
cockfight rebate 0.7 %
esport rebate 0.7 %
vsport rebate 0.7 %
membership renewal Life Time
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